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Popsicle Land

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Dear Parents

Looking for a safe, charming, and nurturing daycare where you could thoroughly trust to leave your children at? Then Popsicle Land daycare is just the right place that meets all of your requirements. We believe your child deserves to be in a place where it’s secured, and they feel cared for by trained professionals, that’s why at Popsicle Land Daycare we offer high-quality services by attending to each child’s needs specifically.

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Children learn best through fun and exciting activities. They love to be active and play around in a safe and thrilling environment. Our outdoor area which is completely fenced around and secured is the best place for children to unwind, play and be entertained.


In our daycare, we focus on all areas of learning. While paying attention to our children’s interest, we plan science-fun based projects to expand their knowledge in different areas. Early reading, writing, math, science and discovery projects which are age appropriate are few of the programs offered here at Popsicle Land.


Emotional, intellectual and social development are all essential components that guarantee a healthy and successful growth. In Popsicle Land every child is encouraged to be bold at a very young age and try out new things and ideas.

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