Preschoolers are on a verge of an important transition to kindergarten, our curriculum designed by professionals in the field of psychology is to ensure age-appropriate science, mathematics, and language development and social study programs are included in our everyday agenda. 

On top of all the necessary education material, we teach our children important and necessary social skills to communicate with one another and start making friends at an early age. 

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Fine Motor Skills

Classrooms are set up in a way so our preschoolers can learn how to solve problems by sorting objects, doing puzzles, taking things apart, and fitting them back together. A separate size appropriate library area with comfortable chairs has been designed for children to encourage them to read and gain knowledge on their own. A spacious backyard area covered with grass and soft tiles are for children to freely play and explore. Our outdoor toys are appropriate for children of all ages, and all seasons, giving children variety of options to choose from and enjoy their time. 

Nutritious Meals

We provide each parent with a menu of the foods and snacks provided which includes the exact ingredients and calories of each item. Fresh breakfast and lunch made from scratch is served everyday, complemented with 2 or more snacks of fresh fruits, milks and juices.

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